Mini Dresses for Medium 11.5″ Fashion Dolls + Curvy

This week’s pattern comes in 2 flavors!

Convertible dresses for Barbie-sized gals
Convertible dresses for curvy Barbie sized gals

Why 2 sizes?  Because the base dress is very fitted and is a 1-part dress in non-stretch material.  If you get both patterns and look at them side by side, you’ll be like “Oh wow” by how different they are, vs a simple dress that is free at the hips where all you need to adjust is the waist. 

  Both patterns have all the same fun options to swap around between the dresses and are super fast to sew!  No sleeves or collars, so really easy and beginner friendly, too.  You can check both out now in the shop

(And don’t forget about this month’s giveaway and contest!)

PS Convertable Mini Dresses

PS Mini Dresses

When I was a kid, I wanted a Barbie that had a dress that was made up of pieces that according to the commercials and the box, said you could rearrange to get over 100 different looks.  I got her, and then spent a very frustrated afternoon trying to figure out all the different ways.  I think I hit 18, and that was by getting frustrated and doing desperate things by turning her tutu (which could also slide down to her ankles and turn her cocktail dress into a mermaid dress) into a scrunchie for her hair and counting that as another look even though the only way it looked was utterly ridiculous.

It was one of those things that stuck with me as liking the idea of, but not so much the execution–at least in that circumstance!  Can you get over 100 different looks with this pattern?  No.  You can get 5 different ways to finish the bustline (which can be combined in different ways) as well as 3 detachable skirts to layer or leave off the basic dress.  I’m sure I could work the math to come up with a ridiculous yet correct number, but let’s just leave it at “many.”  Enough to satisfy inner or actual children 😉

This is also a VERY EASY pattern!  You can sew up the basic dress in 15 minutes or less on a machine.  No fiddly sleeves or collars, nice machine-friendly quilting cotton.  So, y’know: check it out in the shop, and if you get it before the end of the month, maybe win a demo dress 🙂

Saber School Uniform for 1/3 Curvy dolls!

Saber School Uniform Pattern

I wasn’t expecting to do another 1/3 scale doll pattern so soon, but someone commissioned one so you all lucked out!

The Saber School Uniform is similar to the school uniforms of smaller sizes but…also not.  Along with the 1/4″ seam allowance that I use on this size, other things that are just impractical at smaller doll sizes start to be not only doable but a good idea!  Like the blouse.  At the smaller sizes, the collar is 1 piece of fabric because more than that gets bulky and unweildy.  On this pattern, the collar is made of 4 pieces of fabric, much more like people clothes!  It’s also a front-closure pattern because a little snap, hook, or short piece of velcro isn’t going to be noticeable at this size (vs look like some kind of weird growth under the fabric on smaller doll sizes!)

So for those of you who like more realistic clothes on your dolls, you’ll love this pattern!  Lots of wardrobe staples in this pattern <3

Franken-Fashion Challenge for May

Contest for May!

Contest time! 

Lots of people tell me how they learned to sew using these patterns (which I love!) BUT there is a skill individual patterns can’t teach you, and that’s improvising!

This contest is all about making the outfit you want from the patterns you’ve got.  It’s not that hard to mix and match: a sleeve hole is a sleeve hole, a waist is a waist.  You can mix and match just about any top with any bottom provided that you’re not changing the material qualities (you can’t sew a non-stretch pattern with stretch, or a non-stretch skirt to a stretch top).  Once you start looking at clothes as a collection of shapes instead of a finished design, you’ll be amazed at what you can make!

To enter: Sew up an original outfit using pieces from existing patterns.  You can modify pattern pieces to work, but they all have to be from existing patterns.  Make sure to write down your ‘recipe’ since you’ll have to submit it with your entry!  Take a picture of your finished outfit (just one, but you can combine multiple pictures into the same image) and send it to me along with your recipe either in an Etsy message or on the Requiem Art Designs Facebook page by MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME on 05/31/2017.  

Entries will be judged by me on creativity, difficulty, and final design.  So if you aren’t that great at sewing, if you come up with something really original using a lot of different patterns, you will get a better score than someone who just changed out for example, the sleeves on a dress even if it came out very nice.  This contest is all about challenging yourself!

Winner of the contest will get a pattern subscription in either PS, M Girl, or Slim MSD size (winner’s choice!)  I may do others, depending on how many entries we get.  More entries=more prizes!