Dolly Jackets!

Recently I asked people what kind of patterns they’d like to see on the Facebook page.  There were a lot of requests for jackets (and for 1/3 dolls, which is why I did that size last week), so I tried to see what I could do to accommodate!  As an unexpected result, I ended up with TWO patterns for this week:

Pour Femmes

Pour Hommes


I know, I said I wasn’t doing those anymore.  However, I never said I wasn’t doing unisex patterns anymore!  When I started out this pattern, I thought I’d be able to do that: Back when I did the Letter Jacket/Hoodie pattern, it worked equally well on guys and gals.  But that was using stretchy jersey fabric to make clothes that aren’t supposed to look especially tailored.  The boy patterns technically fit the girls (not quite so well vice versa), but they don’t look right.   If I wanted to make a bunch of jacket patterns that really looked good on boys and girls, I’d have to make pattern sets for boys and girls.  I didn’t realize this until Thursday morning or so, which suddenly tacked on an extra day or so of work late in the week, which is why instead of publishing on Friday morning like usual, I pulled about 12 hours on Thursday, Friday morning, and then published mid Friday.

(And a couple of extra hours setting up this shot.  I couldn’t help myself)

Zombie Shake

So you can pick that up along with the Girl Jacket pattern in the shop!  It comes in 3 different styles with 2 different lengths.  Enjoy 🙂

1/3 Convertible Mini Dresses pattern

Mini Dresses for the big gals!

This week’s pattern is Convertible Mini Dresses for the curvy 1/3 dolls: DD, Smart Doll, and a bunch of BJDs with more curvy proportions like the lovely Fairyland F60 pictured above! 

This pattern has been pretty popular in the other sizes I’ve done it in: It’s quick, it’s versatile, and it’s a lot of fun.  There’s something about being able to mix and match looks, and the fact that you don’t have to make a whole new dress for each look is a huge time saver!

Variations for size in this pattern include bust size (self explanatory) and thigh gap (!?!!)  Yeah, I was pretty surprised too!  But look at the comparison chart I did:

60cm BJD doll comparison chart

See, the Dollfie Dream Sister?  Her thighs are wider apart than her hips for some reason.  Not the kind of measurement a girl usually takes, you know?  They can pivot inward so the knees get slightly closer together, but those upper thighs man, they are just super wide and stay that way >.<  So to make sure clothes fit her, a variation was included that makes the skirt part below the hips a little wider.  I want clothes made from my patterns to fit ALL THE DOLLS!  (or at least as many as possible)

I hope you enjoy it!  The core dress only takes about 15 minutes to sew up: about as fast and easy as a sock dress, but infinitely classier 🙂

Heads up: I still own Puddles

Doll Shoes: Puddles!Puddles was originally made as a donation to PUDDLE, the US Pullip convention. She was raffled off and won by a gal I know, who had her for a couple of years and then when she was planning to sell her, I bought her back because I love this little gal!  She is one of 2 dolls out of my entire collection that has the honor of sitting on my desk. 

And she’s still there!

If this seems like a kind of random post, well, yeah, it is.  That’s because her head is also up for sale in a custom lot on Ebay.  Except it isn’t, because that’s not her.  It’s a copy someone else made.  And it’s not exactly cool that someone made a copy of the doll, but since it’s only showing up now on Ebay as a head (when I made the original like 7 years ago), I think it’s pretty safe to assume it’s a copy someone made and cherished for a long time.  It’s a bit different than someone making a copy to sell.  One’s an act of love, and the other’s just greed. 

I contacted the seller and asked her to clarify that she is not me and the head is not Puddles, so as long as she does that I’m cool with it. 

Qi Loli Pattern for Slim 1/4 MSD & 16″ Fashion Dolls

Slim MSD Qi Loli pattern

This week’s pattern is the Qi Loli dress in 1/4 Adult Girl size

I really like how the demo dresses in this set came out!  The prints I used were just a little to big to be used 12″ and smaller dolls, which is a shame because they look spectacular. 

PS-  Since there isn’t a week left in July, this will be the first pattern release eligible for August’s free outfit drawing 😉

Vintage 50s Swing Dress Patterns for 11.5″ Fashion Dolls!

50s Swing Dresses for 11.5" Fashion dolls (including curvy, tall, petite)

This week’s pattern is one a lot of people have been waiting for! 50s Swing Dresses!

I debated doing the Meido fashion this week, but while the PS size really rocks out the loli styles, it isn’t as popular in this size.  This size, the classic, feminine dresses seem to be the most in demand, and since Qi Loli was the last one, I figured I would do something different 🙂