11.5″ Fashion Doll Kimono

Medium 11.5" fashion doll Kimono

For those of you expecting a ballgowns type pattern this week… nope!  Ballgowns are BIG patterns and take a lot longer than regular patterns. Instead, I decided to usher in spring with kimono, invoking images of cherry blossoms and early spring flowers

…as I was forced to give up precious pattern time to go out and shovel snow after that damn storm this week.  This is the worst time of year: the time of year you’re just so done with winter, and you get occasional warm days and a couple of flowers starting to poke up through all the dead and you start to get your hopes up and then BAM! Blizzard, and more snowstorms yet to come 🙁 

Anyway, Spring is still coming, even if it is not here yet.  So why not get started with some lovely kimono for your dolls?  This pattern fits all the different new Barbie type bodies, and a few different variations so you can make festival-wear yukata and elegant formal furisode kimono too!

Beauty-ful Belle-gowns

Aaaaand it's up!

This week’s pattern is Beauty-ful Belle-gowns because I was getting requests for this pattern or asks about how to make this kind of dress  about every other day ^^; 

This pattern introduces vertical gathering.  This is a technique that pulls a much longer skirt up to make that floaty, ruffly style.   It is also a very versatile technique!  I had to rush my parrot to the vet just after I started this pattern (she’s fine now) so I didn’t have time to make a bunch of different gowns to show of the different ways you can use it.  The fun part about this style is that you don’t need to cut different pattern options to get different results: depending on how much you gather the fabric along each gathering line, you can have a dress that has ruffles all the way down like this, or is gathered up high in the front or side with the rest long to have an elegant cut-away to the underskirt. 

You can check it out in the shop now 😉

Sewing for DC Super Hero Girls

Sewing pattern for DC Super Hero Girls

I had no idea what was up with the DC Super Hero Girls last year.  After an amazing start where all the dolls were immediately snatched off of shelves (and often sold on Ebay for extreme amounts) when they were released at the beginning of the year, they kind of… disappeared.  No new lines or accessories or anything even through the holidays and the stores that had them in stock just kind of shuffled them around to any unused shelf space.   But then just after the holiday season, new stuff started hitting the shelves and a lot of stores now have dedicated “DC Super Hero Girls” space again!  Some new dollies on the horizon, too! 

…but no clothing packs 🙁 Boo!  Instead, most of the new dolls have molded on clothes. Which… is OK, I guess.  Since every year there are fewer and fewer fashion packs for even lines like Barbie, I guess having molded on clothes is a better outcome than a kiddo losing her doll’s clothes and having to fight crime in the buff. 

It isn’t ideal, though: every comic book fan knows that the heroes (and villains) have to have civilian clothes to wear over their super hero costumes, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to keep their secret identities!  Even the molded-costume dollies still need civilian disguises!  So that’s where this fashion pack comes in 😀

Any PS Sized pattern fits if you enlarge it to 125%, but I decided to do a Basics pattern set for them so that people new to doll sewing don’t have to fiddle with resizing.  I also tweaked it a bit: simplified a couple of things and added some more options that aren’t in the regular PS Basics.  Check it out now in the shop


New service in the shop: Printing!

Pattern Printing Service now on Etsy

I’m happy to say I now offer Print Services in the shop!

For MOST people, it’s infinitely easier and faster to download and print at home. Some people don’t have easy access to a printer, and don’t live somewhere it’s easy to get to a print shop. For those people, they’d have to order printing services online to be mailed to them anyway. What an (expensive) hassle!

I’ve also been getting more and more questions about resizing–like enlarging a PS pattern 125% to make clothes for DC Super Hero Girls, for example.  I can give as much tech support as I can, but everyone’s printer is different & every program you can print from also has its own defaults and templates.  A royal headache for people who don’t (or can’t figure out) those options. 

So over the weekend I went to a local print shop and got some options.  Prints will all be in B&W because printing is .10 for B&W and .50 for color and if it’s mixed they go by the higher rate. More to print on legal sized pages.  Plus Etsy fees (around .40) and transaction fees (around .50) and gas, I should be just about breaking even on the printing part.

Let’s hope this works out well!  I hope this removes a lot of headaches for people 🙂

Return of the Prodigal Pullip!

Medium Slimline Basics

Gather ’round for Story Time!

Waaay back when Pullips were on Type 2 bodies and I first started making patterns to sew for my most favorite and hard to clothe dollies and nobody, even at Mattel, had even thought of Monster High, people were like “oh, awesome! Give us patterns!” and I was like “Sure, why not?” and went through the trouble of drawing up some patterns and posting them on my website and… absolutely nothing.  I was literally giving them away and nobody cared.  Apart from the Taeyang one, which you can still find the original of floating out there in the digital ether, I don’t think anyone sewed a single one. 

So when Monster High came out and everyone was like “These dolls are awesome but they have no fashion packs and can’t wear other dolls clothes without looking bad!” I was feeling the deja vu.  Again, I got asked to make patterns but this time I was like “I know how this story goes!” and put the patterns on Etsy, expecting to sell maybe 5 copies, and net $15 but that was still better than getting tricked into spending a considerable amount of time putting together a pattern & instructions that nobody was going to actually use. 

Except that time people did, so I made more.  And again the Pullip community was like “patterns are awesome make us some!” and I was like “….?  Really?  Are you sure?” and they were like “YASSSSS!” so I did, and put them in the Etsy shop and…

Pretty much the same thing as the first time. 

So I stopped making patterns for Pullip-sized dolls for the second time.  For whatever reason, the Pullip fandom just wasn’t into sewing. 

Then what the heck is this?  Well, lately I have seen a lot of people using other doll sizes I’ve made to sew patterns for Pullips.  You can sorta do it: For Medium sized dolls, if you take in the side and back seams extra they fit reasonably well (the same way you’d adjust pre-made Barbie clothes).  For the Petite Slimline dolls, from the waist up anything fits if you enlarge it 125%.  PS is much more pear shaped though, so all the pants and anything fitted to the body below the waist is a no-go.  All of the patterns in the Medium Slimline Pullip size are ones that wouldn’t convert well from the other categories, as they’re either full-body or patterns with pants/leggings.

The big obvious gap though, is that Pullip doesn’t have her own “Basics” outfit!  So I fixed that, and you can pick it up in the shop 🙂

So we’ll see!  Either this is going to be one of those “Third time’s the charm” or “three strikes and you’re out” kind of deals.  I really hope that sewing is now a thing in the Pullip fandom because they still are and will always be my favorite dolls.