Leather Jackets for Babs & co

Leather Jackets

This week, it’s the much asked for Jackets pattern in Medium Girl size!  Yes, this fits all the current fashionista bodies as well as the new strong WWE/WW bodies (as you can see from Becky Lynch rocking her new steampunk jacket to complete her outfit!).  If you’d like to see it on Curvy, there’s a shot of it on her in the shop listing.

It does NOT fit Medium boys.  I’m per-emptively saying that because I know someone will ask!  It comes down to shoulder width.  PS has puny, narrow shoulders.  P boys have broader shoulders than PS, but not as broad as M girls.  M girls do not have shoulders as broad as M boys.  Because this is loose fitting, JUST IN CASE I even tried the jacket on Hunter, but it wouldn’t go up past his meaty biceps. 

S Boy, M Girl, and M Boy are all roughly the same height, so you can’t enlarge/shrink the jacket (or any other pattern) to fit the shoulders without throwing the fit off for the rest.  I wish it was that easy!  But the size system exists for a reason.  Unless it’s a super loose pattern (like the cloak pattern) or designed for really stretchy fabric, you’re never going to get a good fit on a doll not in the same pattern size without having to modify the pattern.

Enjoy everyone, and have a great weekend!

Contest Entry voting time!

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Pick your favorite combo from the entries for it to become the 2018 Fan Favorite discount bundle!  To vote, just go to the Requiem Art Designs Facebook page and like the entry or entries you like best.  I will only be counting likes of people that follow Requiem Art Designs (to cut down on vote fraud).  Hopefully this will go smoothly and the winner will be announced on Monday 🙂


Pajama Pattern

This week all over the world places that don’t get snow have gotten snow.  Places that get snow have also gotten snow, and a cold snap that is…unusually cold!  Basically, this is the kind of week that you just do not want to get out of bed.  But you have to, because life.

(But dolls don’t)

Time for some vicarious fashion!  The new Pajamas pattern is a set of front-closing, collared pajamas in warm and cold weather versions.  There’s also fitted (blue) and loose (pink) cuts, and smooth/simple and notched collars.  I thought it would come out to be difficult because of the collars, but it’s actually been way easier to sew these collars than round collars on back-closure shirts! 

In a somewhat related note, the Pajama Party Mega Pack is going to be revised sometime soon.  It’s a double sized pattern that actually has enough completely unrelated patterns in it to make 3 pattern sets (Athletic & Sleepwear raglans, Babydoll dresses & PJs, and a genie harem girl set).  BUT the problem is, it’s got so much stuff in it, people don’t know about the patterns that aren’t on the cover and keep asking for things like Babydolls and genie harem pants.  So y’know, if you’ve been wanting it, get it before it’s split up!

TTFN and stay warm everyone!