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September 2014
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General Updates

For the first time ever I met my Etsy sales goal!  Yay!  My sales goal is usually whatever my sales were for the previous month plus around 10%.  Since I usually do 1-2 patterns a month and this past month I did 5, and I only surpassed my goal by $18, I’m not sure if I did good or not, but um…. yay!  I met my goal!

My advice on goals: Don’t set easy ones.  Don’t set goals that are so ridiculous you never meet them, either.  Figure out what a realistic goal is, and set a goal that is slightly higher, but possible.  I usually miss it by around $20, which is close enough that I’m more like “I WAS SO CLOSE!  I’ll work harder and get it next time!” than “Waaaahhhh I suck!”

My day job is still on hold due to the temporary hacking shutdown, so I’m going to try to work hard on patterns this month, too.  I’m going to try doing some standard 11-12″ fashion dolls (Barbie, Disney princesses) patterns.  Ideally, these patterns will also work with Pullips, but I’ve noticed that most of the 11-12″ fashion dolls fall into either “Skinny” or “Super-skinny” dimensions.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make one pattern that works for all, but I suspect that if I have to break it down into 2 different sizes for fashion dolls, Obitsu bodies will fall into “Skinny” and Pullip type 3/4s will fall into “Super-skinny” so either way, Pullips will get more clothes.

I also picked up some clearance Ever After High dolls to do dyeing experiments with, as I’d really like to be able to work on some darker skinned background characters.

And I’m going to really, REALLY try and get up a few chapters of All My Pullips.

Aaaaaand that’s it!  Extra thanks to all my customers and fans this past month, it helps me be much more optimistic in the face of job uncertainty to have something else productive to work on :3  As always, happy to get feedback and suggestions through the blog (I know the blog keeps resetting itself to registered users commenting–I keep un-resetting it), etsy, flickr, tumblr, email, whatever.

PS–remember the sewing contest everyone!  I want to see lots of awesome dolly fashions :D

Quick snaps of Pullip/Dal in recent fashion setsQuick snaps of Pullip/Dal in recent fashion sets

I’ve had a lot of questions about who else fits the pattern packs.  Patterns for each doll look best on the doll they are designed for, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share.  Think of it like the difference between off the rack and custom tailored clothes. Here’s some comparisons with dolls I have:

Pullips: Pullips fit into patterns that fit adult female MH and boy MH dolls. Momoko dolls also can wear these clothes, as momoko/type 4 Pullip bodies are virtually identical.

Isul: Isul can wear MH boy and adult female MH clothes, but he has shorter limbs.

Dal/Byul: Dals and Byuls cannot wear MH-ONLY clothes, but they can wear EAH and EAH/MH patterns.

Taeyang: Taeyang and EAH boys can wear each others’ clothes.

Blythe: Blythe cannot wear any of the clothes made from my patterns.

Generally the dolls can swap clothes with some fitting better than others, but if you sew/fit them to the doll you intend the clothes to be worn on instead of trying to swap them around you should be fine.  I usually give extra room on the closures of whatever clothing piece in case people over-sew the seam allowances, as it gives more wiggle room, which is enough to accommodate the slight differences between bodies.

New pattern: Cocktail dresses

Cocktail dress set now on Etsy :)

Cocktail dress set is now up!  This one is SUPER versatile for the size and has 5 different neck line options, 3 different attached sleeves and 3 different separate sleeves.  So you can make a ton of dresses that look nothing alike with the exact same pattern pieces :)

Ode to dark skinned dollies

When Nahh-ato, the first dark-skinned Pullip came out, I promptly bought 5.  I like dark skinned dolls.  As a so-white-most-brands-don’t-carry-foundation-light-enough-for-me-and-tanning-only-makes-me-freckle person, I kind of equate this to how curly haired people adore straight hair, and straight people long for curly hair.  Both sides have their pros and cons.

Pale skin: Photographs more easily.  Easy to put any color on it.  Wears almost any color well.  Throws off color contrast making medium-dark colors look way darker than they are.  Makes it difficult to blend colors to base skin tone.  Reflects light and makes delicate features like eyebrows shrink, as well as making you look way fatter in photographs than you are IRL. Ahem.

Dark skin: Very easy to blend and contour with more natural looking results.  Richer skintones make even blank heads look better.  More tricky to photograph.  Difficult to get bright colors to show up.

I’ve been tweaking my stock EAH dolls, because contouring makes their moon-faces look much nicer.  My favorite so far is Cerise:

Tweaked Cerise

Then Blondie:
Blondie Locks

Then Raven:

Raven Queen

And lastly, Apple:
Apple White

Notice a trend? I do like how all these dolls came out, and all four of these dolls weren’t ones I was big fans of originally (like Cedar, who has not gotten nearly as much work done because she started out gorgeous). But Apple? You can tell exactly where the makeup is, and it doesn’t look remotely ‘natural’. Her pretty white skin bleaches out the color that is there, making the gradient less gradient-y and more concentrated in pictures.  This isn’t a problem with Cerise, who wears pigment like it’s an actual radiant part of her, and not just sitting on the surface.

Anyway, just my aesthetic preferences.  Pale skin is good for some things, dark skin is good for other things.  Given the lack of non-wooden, dark-skinned characters in EAH, I’m very soon going to be conducting some dolly dye-bath experiments.  They probably won’t go well, but I’m desperate…

New Contest Posted :)

Summer Sewing Challenge!

Time for everyone who’s been procrastinating to get sewing :)  Check out the “Contests” tab on the left for all the details.

Contest due date is 9/30/2014, so there should be PLENTY OF TIME for everyone, even if they hand-sew.

Sewing contest?

It’s been a while since I did a contest. I’m thinking that I hear a lot of “_____ is perfect for an outfit I’m planning! I just need time to do it…”

Contests are a great way to provide extra motivation!

I’m thinking of doing a sewing contest where all people have to do is make that outfit they’ve been trying to do. It’s the details I’m trying to figure out. Like:

How long should the contest run?
What prize would be the best motivation? (ex: free patterns, getting to design the next pattern, something else)
Should I pick the winner, or have it done by vote?
If I do it by vote, where/how would I do it?

So… ideas? Opinions?

Princess Dress Mega Pack #2 for EAH/MH

Princess Mega Pack #2 now on Etsy!

I just listed this one up on Etsy
. The last one sold out at the promo price in less than an hour, and I expect this one will go the same way, so if you’re going after the $1 off price, go go go go go! I haven’t even listed this anywhere besides Etsy and copies are already sold!

Yeolume Review

Yeolume comparisons

Yeolume came out a while ago. And then she disappeared. Literally. The company website doesn’t even show her existing anymore. There were 2 dolls made (this is the first) and… well yeah. She didn’t exactly win the hearts and minds of the public. But she’s still a member of the pullip family. This is my review, which is more of an analysis than anything else.

TONS of pictures ahead Read more »

A few quick shop notes:

I changed up the banner and have put some MH customs to the shop.

I also noticed with the last couple of patterns, that there were a lot of people using the repeat customer coupon code who hadn’t actually bought anything in the shop before, so I activated a new coupon code. Both are currently active (so it’s possible to buy something with the current discount code and get the new discount code, thus not missing any discounts) but the old one will be deactivated soon. Make sure your Etsy account is set to let you receive discount code emails :)

MH/EAH Super Stretch Pattern Pack

"Super Stretch" pattern now on Etsy

Holy shit 3 patterns in a week?!  Grab it now on Etsy

The reason for this abnormal pattern-making-splurge is that last Wednesday my employer got hacked and all the employees were put on unknown/indefinite leave while a forensic team looks at our network before we can work again.  Until then, have to use our holiday pay for this… holiday.  Which might end at any time, so I can’t make any long-term plans and pretty much have to sit around being ready to work again as soon as they give the word, while using my vacation time that I had been saving for an actual trip with my husband to be used while he is also on vacation, later this year.

Therefore, while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been knocking off household chores and crafting chores on my to-do list.  I’m happy I’ve been able to catch up somewhat on patterns since I’ve had so little sewing time these last couple of months… but not exactly pleased at the circumstances.