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July 2014
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Now on Etsy!

It’s been a little over a month since I released a pattern… but no more!

The Steampunk Engineer outfit is now on Etsy.  It has spats.  I don’t know how many other people think spats are as fabulous as I do.  F*ck leggings, bring back spats!

Er, anyway, you can go check it out on Etsy. The rest of the outfit apart from the spats is pretty nice too.  I developed a new kind of shirt sleeve cuff to reduce the bulk of sleeves and make it easier for them to be worn under other things.  The shorts have different cuts so they can be worn in all kinds of ways.  And Spats!

New Pattern Selection Poll!

I’ve finished making most of the patterns on the previous to-do list, so here’s a list of the current things I am considering:

Which patterns do you want MOST (pick 2)

View Results

A breakdown of what each pattern would be for behind the cut Read more »

PUDDLE 2014 Part 3: So. Many. Rainbows.

PUDDLE 2014′s theme was rainbows.  And there were many of them!  My booth looked much more organized than last year, but still not exactly fancy as everything I had was brought in my carry-on luggage:

My booth
(I haven’t had time to put all the dolls I had up for sale in my Etsy Shop, I’ll put another post up when I do)

Read more »

PUDDLE 2014 Part 2: T’was the night before PUDDLE

…or still the day before PUDDLE.  Illinois is 1 hour behind the east coast, so it isn’t that big of a deal to adjust, but I’d sort of been up since 2:30 AM already.  Because headache.  And then birds.  Birds that sing at 2:30 in the AM, loudly and repeatedly sounding the first couple of notes of one of the wind-changing songs in Zelda Windwaker, for some reason.  I have a parrot and I love birds, but by 3:30 when I gave up and rolled out of bed, I would have killed those motherfuckers if I could have.

Ahem.  What I mean here, is that I’d been up since 1:30 AM Illinois time, and was awake for 23 hours before I went to sleep the night before PUDDLE at the Hotel.  It was a long day.  Though the plane left the gate on time, it didn’t take off until a half hour after it was supposed to. In Boston, even planes sit in long lines of traffic:

plane Read more »

PUDDLE 2014 Part 1: The trip that almost wasn’t.

I’m typing from the PUDDLE hotel, and it’s a near-miracle that I’m here!

See, after all that planning, I got up before dawn to go to the airport and kissed my snoozing husband.

“Do you have your driver’s license and boarding pass?” he asks.
“Of course I do!” I reassure.

But the thing is, once someone asks that you have to double check. Open my bag: boarding pass, right there! Check. Open my wallet: credit card, debit card, insurance card…driver’s license? er…?

Oh shit. Read more »

Monster High @ PUDDLE

The way I’m planning it, my booth is going to have a 3-tiered stand that will have MH/EAH on the top shelf (because they are light and not top-heavy!) and Pullips & Co on the bottom two levels.  Yes, it’s Pullips And Dal Doll Lovers Event, but believe me, you’ll find BJDs and Blythes galore, and more than a few fashion dolls like MH and Jenny, too!

Vintage Frankie

And I didn’t have time to make any special designs just for PUDDLE, but I will be debuting a few dolls that haven’t been seen/put up for sale yet, as well as bringing all the patterns, which are mostly MH patterns!

Last teaser

More previews

Ok, so if all of my posts over the last four days don’t make you want to get your butt to PUDDLE… I give up :P

I’ll be sharing a table with KeelyVH, and bringing at least 3 never-before-seen-completed customs along with a bunch of other dolls ‘n stuff.  It’s never a good idea to say “well maybe some other year I’ll see you” because I don’t know if there will be other years.  I would like to go again, I’m not sure if I will be able to because PUDDLE isn’t exactly close to me and it takes a bit of doing to get there.

(Not that it wouldn’t be fun without me, but if you’re going to see my dolls, don’t assume I’ll always be there.  My go-percentage is about 33%)

More PUDDLE Previews!

PUDDLE Preview

This catgirl is the end result of my last seriously f*cked up doll head restoration.  How f*cked up?  Let’s refresh:

Head E: Front


The full tripping/sanding/rescuplting epic is here if you want to see pics.

I did manage to jury rig a partially working eyemech.  The eyes go from side to side, but due to the reshaping of the eyes to a more almond, cat-shape, no blinking.  But that just meant I got to use super long, luxurious eyelashes!

She’ll be debuting at PUDDLE as well, so no more pics of her until after PUDDLE :3

Custom Teaser

It’s a long weekend in the USA, and I took Friday off as well… I’m going to be preparing for PUDDLE all 4 days!  So here’s another teaser of a doll I am trying to finish up for PUDDLE:

Possible outcome 1Possible outcome 2

(That’s the same doll.  I just did some photoshop tweaking to help me decide how to finish it.  I like both designs…)

Opinions? You don’t need to have a login to comment :)

PUDDLE 2014 Prep


Anyone else going? Anyone who is have any particular requests for stuff they want me to bring?

Here’s my to-do list:

  1. New Business Cards
  2. Rainbow PUDDLE custom
  3. Rainbow PUDDLE custom’s outfit
  4. Rainbow PUDDLE custom’s stand
  5. Hello Kitty custom
  6. Hello Kitty custom’s outfit
  7. Space Pirate custom
  8. Space Pirate’s outfit
  9. Dolly Display stand for booth (so it doesn’t look like a jumble again!)
  10. Labels for stuff @ booth
  11. Print out pattern sets (B&W)
  12. Print pattern set example sheets (color)
  13. Rainbow manicure

Does anyone have any requests for stuff they want me to bring?