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July 2015
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Super Stretch for Tiny BJDs Pattern

Super Stretch for Tinies now on Etsy!

The Super Stretch pattern has been adapted to Tiny BJD size for this week’s pattern
. Super Stretch is a really fast sewing, easy pattern. You can probably hand sew it in 20 minutes–yes, THAT easy! If you use a sewing machine, just remember the tissue paper/stabilizer so that the spandex doesn’t get stuck in the machine when you start :)

July Sale in Etsy Shop

Happy July!  Peak summertime :)

Last month’s sale of the double-sized pattern packs is over, but this month I have a new sale:

July Etsy Sale

As the banner says, all of the value packs (6 pattern bundles) are on sale for 19.99 each.  I’ve also added 3 new value packs:

Eastern Value Pack

Euro Value Pack

Fashionable Male Value Pack

Plus the pattern value packs that were already up. I welcome suggestions for other collections! I like to try and do them by theme, and have a pattern not show up in more than two value packs at once :)

Moving update

Ok!  Spent the last week getting the rest of the house unpacked, because let’s face it: being able to eat and sleep without tripping over boxes is more important than dolls. To that end, I sacrificed my office as the temporary storage space for the boxes that wouldn’t fit in the rooms they were supposed to go into. Here’s a couple of quick shots:

My new office (move in day) My new office (move in day)

Terrifying, huh? Read more »

New Tiny BJD Pattern: Sailor School Uniforms!

I’m still in the middle of unpacking a whole lot of stuff, but I do have a new pattern for you today:

Sailor School Uniform for Tiny BJDs now on Etsy!

This tiny sailor outfit has both boy and girl variations, because tinies have no gender differentiation in size/shape. I’ve been enjoying this, because it allows me to make lots of cute boy clothes as well as girl clothes! I also bought a Pukifee Zoe from Pullip Junk because Zoe has a very gender-neutral kid face. So does Pong, now that I think about it… Huh. Maybe that means I need a girly doll?

Pukifee Zoe needs a name!

Anyhoo, Zoe needs a first name! I usually name my dolls so that their sculpt name is their ‘family’ name, leaving me to pick a first name. I’ve been thinking about gender neutral or cute boyish names that go well with “Zoe” as a last name, but I haven’t come up with any.

Will be offline for the next 48 hours

Today is moving day, so this is my last email check until the internet gets hooked up at the new place.  Please be patient if you try and contact me and I don’t respond in my usual timely manner :)

Friday Pattern: Super Stretch for Medium fashion dolls

This week’s pattern is not a new pattern as much a a familiar pattern in a new pattern size:
Medium Girl Super Hero Costume Pattern on Etsy

Though there are some changes, too.  At this size, a cape becomes feasible because at 11 inches, more fabrics start to drape in a way that you can actually have the doll wear one and it doesn’t foof out like some sort of bizarre shoulder tutu.

Super Stretch demo #2

There’s also some stocking/boot patterns.  Nothing fancy, basically the kind of spandex-y boot you get in the classic superhero comics, which for this size doll is easily achieved by having a small hole in the seam of a stocking at the heel and putting a basic high heel of a color matching the stocking inside the stocking with the heel sticking out through the hole, or by cutting off the shoe parts and gluing the sole/heel to the stocking.  Since there are so many disposable, cheap, flimsy shoes for this doll size it’s an option you don’t get with Petite Slimline dolls.

But anyhoo, I hope this pattern will be popular!  It’s easy enough that collectors and kids alike can stitch up some golden-age style comic book hero outfits for their girls  :)

If you’re interested, go check it out on Etsy

Gooliope Jellington posing review

Here is Gooliope with a 1/4 scale BJD and a regular Monster High doll:


As you can see, she’s taller than both of them. The BJD is a Moe line minifee, and they are pretty short even by 1/4 scale standards. She is about the same height as my tallest, a Soulkid double jointed girl body with a minifee head, but slightly taller because of her high heel feet. All of the many, many comparison pictures behind the cut: Read more »

Gooliope Jellington Review

(Gooliope is pronounced like Goo-LIE-o-pea)

Ok, so I haven’t been this excited for a new MH doll in a while.  I’ve liked some of the new releases, but when giving each doll a one of a kind body and head sculpt becomes normal, how do you raise the bar?  By making the doll twice as big and as poseable as a ball jointed doll!  So here’s Gooliope in her box (which I LOVE):

Gooliope in Box

Gooliope is packaged in a normal sized Monster High box, but she’s all crouched in it and pounding on the plastic (which is shattering) to get out. If I hadn’t been so excited to get her out of the box, I would have left her in because that packaging is just awesome. I never care about packaging, but that is just OMG genius.

Gooliope's Joints

Here’s what makes the new body fab: New points of articulation have been added at the top of each arm and thigh, so that the arms/legs can pivot as well as bend. The elbows and knees are now double jointed, bending above the joint as well as below. She has a bust joint, so her upper torso can lean forward/back and side/side as well as pivot a little. How much more poseable does that make her? Wow. She can hold her own against any doll I have. I’m going to post some comparative pictures tomorrow.

I also want to point out that the drips on her body are neither repeated nor symmetrical. It isn’t a big deal, but it does make her more realistic looking. I love those little extra touches that lets you know someone loved making this doll, and wasn’t just doing the minimum necessary to get it to production. Most Monster High dolls are like that, which is one of the things that makes me love them so much. Did they need to add extra articulation and re-engineer the joints to make a big doll? No! But they did, and the doll is only $5 more than a regular doll. With all the cost cutting going on in the Ever After High line, I’m really impressed the Monster High team was able to convince corporate to let them do this and not just enlarge the body/joints they already had. Good job!

Gooliope's ears/earrings

The ears have little drips, too

Quality: All the Gooliopes that I saw at the store (around 8) did not have eye wonk, but the makeup that was printed on was slightly fuzzy. It isn’t that noticeable, but I will be touching up my girl’s face. Her hair isn’t great, but it also isn’t a solid mass of gel or frizzy. It’s gently curly, and kind of matted from the box, but if you brush it out with your fingers a bit it gets a lot nicer. That’s all I’ve got for negatives, and yeah, I did have to stretch just to get those. I will be taking her measurements and trying out scaling a couple of my patterns to the bigger body later.

Verdict: A+++++  This doll exploded my usual grading curve.  I would have expected this doll to be twice the price (and still totally worth it) of a regular doll at least, not $5 more.

And just a FYI for people who don’t follow doll news, they will be releasing Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen dolls in this size sometime this year.  I can’t wait!

New Pattern: Slimline Boy School Uniform

This Friday’s release is the Slimline Boy School Uniform!

Slimline Boy School  now on Etsy

Slow Mo won the popular vote for being cover manster, which I guess should make sense since he also won the popular vote for class president!

I also put together this picture for boy sizing reference:

boy sizes

Large has the smallest feet, Medium has the biggest head, and Slimline has the longest legs.  Large has a rectangular torso with no waist or hips, Medium has a waist but no hips, and Slimline has a waist and hips.  Slimline and Medium are roughly the same height, but Slimline has longer legs, shorter arms, and a much smaller torso.

Etsy Shop Update


I set up my Etsy shop to accept gift cards and direct credit card payment, so paypal is no longer the only option! One step closer to being a real professional :D Hooray professionalism!

(says the girl typing shop updates in her pajamas)