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April 2014
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Corsets, Anyone?

It's doooooone....

The corset pattern is done! Two out of the three corsets have 7 panels in total, 8 if you want to add a front busk closure. That’s 8 vertical seams around the waist of a doll that has a 5.5 cm waist! For this pattern to come out you have to follow the directions and especially the seam allowance EXACTLY. They aren’t complicated, but if you don’t you’ll end up with something too small/too big. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to make wonderful, wonderful things.

I spent a lot of time agonizing about what else to include in the pattern… I ended up with nothing. I could have fit in a bra pattern OR a panty pattern (but not both) and a bloomer pattern would have been just too big. Oh well. The corsets aren’t big, but it’s 3 full pages of instructions, so I think people will get their money’s worth.

Note: Only the waist cincher fits EAH dolls if you use a looped lace or eyelet closure. The underbust/overbust corsets do not without modifications since the two dolls have such huge differences in torso shape & length.

Etsy listing HERE

Fantasy Fashion Complete:

Now on Etsy

The February contest pattern has been completed! All fashion being cyclical, this is actually a really well timed pattern, because I saw tons of babydoll dresses and plaid/flannel shirts at the mall this past spring. Looks like the 80s recycled looks are starting to go into 90s recycled looks (but since these fashions were in style in the 90s were less than 20 years ago, we’ve started to cycle through fashions within a generation. Therefore the things I still have from high school are in fashion again! I don’t have a lot of things from then, but I have a couple…)

This is a pretty easy fashion set. Not as easy as T-shirts, but not much harder. Check it out on Etsy!


PUDDLE Prize packs complete

PUDDLE 2014 is only two months away and I am not yet completely prepared, but I’m getting there! The donation custom is done, the prizes for the customizing and full-custom contests are done. Since I’m judging those, I can’t compete in those contests… but I am hoping to get another custom done for the “Best in theme” contest which is crowd-chosen. Have I started that custom? No. Do I know what else I’m bringing to PUDDLE? No clue!

See those rosettes? I had to make them from scratch! They’re attached to beaded headbands so that the dolls can wear them. Small aside: I have been on a quest to find miniature prize rosettes for dolls. They don’t exist. I even checked the scrapbooking section of three craft stores. Not a single sticker or miniature scrapbooking applique. An entire sports section, and the closest thing I could find was a ribbon that said “I participated!” …Really? -.-

April Funz!

All right, last month was pretty rotten, work-wise, so I wasn’t able to spend much time on anything else besides the necessary eat/sleep/lie on the couch in a semi conscious daze.

Last month’s goal was pretty much a bust.  But that’s OK, I don’t expect everything I do to be a raving or even moderate success.  The important thing to do when things don’t go well is to know a) why, b) how could it be avoided in the future?  As long as I learn from them, they’re not failures.  I learned that unless Ebay’s policies and lack of seller protection change hugely, Ebay is off the table.  I also learned that a web store (even one that does E-delivery!) is possible, BUT I need to be able to set aside some quality time to do codemonkeying.

April’s goal: Advertising!  I have a pretty good baseline for Etsy shop sales, so this month I am paying for their advertising system.  I’ve got the math figured out to know what minimums I’d have to meet to be able to consider the advertising fees on Etsy to be worth the return.  It’s pretty simple: If the fees are X/week, I need to be able to sell enough patterns per week above average that I make average + X.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

April’s goal is also a hands-off kind of goal, which I hope will allow me time to make a lot more patterns!  I only did 2 new ones last month :(

Upcoming things to look forward to:

  • In the final stages of making the contest winner’s Pullip outfit pattern!
  • Have finished drafting an EXTREMELY form fitting set of MH corsets: waist cinchers, long-line underbust, and overbust.  This one is going a little slower than usual because I’m experimenting with fusibles and grommets.
  • Gathering the final pieces for the PUDDLE customizing contest prizes!
  • Planning for PUDDLE!



The Ebay experiment is over.

Ok, the Ebay experiment is over.

I will never sell another thing on Ebay.  I will never buy another thing on Ebay.  They will not get a cent from me.

Here’s a little story about selling on Ebay…

Gather round, here’s a nice example of why I  hate Ebay.

I haven’t sold anything on Ebay in three years.  Why?  Because the last time I did, a buyer bought one of my customs, but decided she wanted to have a payment plan for it.  A payment plan which would first start a week after the auction, then a month after the auction, and then eventually 3 months after the auction ended.  All without a single payment.  Eventually I filed a NPB against the buyer.  And so I got my very first negative feedback.

Oh, you might be saying, Ebay doesn’t let buyers do that!  They say you can call them and they’ll remove it!  They sure do say that!  And it’s a lie.  2 supervisors later, I was told “We’re sure you’ll be able to redeem yourself”because 30 days had passed even though I had all of the messages from the buyer in my Ebay account telling me she wasn’t paying me.

I recently got rid of a shelf that had some Star Wars figures on it.  I just don’t have space for them, but they were pretty expensive/limited figures, so I sold them on Ebay.  Auction 1: Sold.  Sent with tracking.  Tracking says it arrived on 3/04.  Buyer contacts me today saying it never arrived and wants a refund.

Auction 2: Sold.  This buyer had previously contacted me and asked me to use a cheaper form of shipping.  I agreed, as the cheaper form also had tracking, and I wrapped the shit out of that figure.  Completely disassembled, tissue wrapped around bits which where then wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a box that had air cushioning on all sides.  At least 2″ of bubble wrap in all directions.  Buyer says item arrived damaged, as in the box was pretty much destroyed, sent me pictures of two small broken pieces which were, oddly, in the center of the package.  Pieces around them were fine.  Funny, but I agreed to a refund when the buyer sent me back the figure.  Buyer wants me to send money for the figure before he sends the figure, along with shipping to send me back the figure.  I said no, Ebay’s TOS is that he gets a refund after the figure is returned to me.  He doesn’t want to send the figure back, because then he gets “nothing and you get a figure to do with as you wish”  I said no, he gets a refund, and I get a broken figure that I can’t sell, and can’t put an insurance claim on because I agreed to send him the package by the cheaper method of shipping.  He opens a complaint in Ebay.  I had already agreed to refund him, so I agreed to refund him officially through Ebay.  However, as Ebay’s TOS is that he has to send it back, he doesn’t get the refund until it’s sent back.  He doesn’t like that, and doesn’t understand that I’m not the one telling him he has to send it back, Ebay is as well.  He escalates it to a claim, and again I agree to refund him–as soon as I have the figure back.  Buyer flips out, contacts Ebay, they close the claim siding with the buyer (but not really, because I agreed to the refund three times already, and they told the buyer he has to send the figure back.    This figure is currently in the mail.  Will I get the figure back, or a brick in a box?  It’s anyone’s guess!

Auction 3.  Didn’t sell.  Threw all the figures into the trash.  Better than paying for shipping and fees and getting scammed!

TL;DR  Ebay is full of fucking scammers.

Doll Clothes & Patterns Updated

The Doll Clothes & Patterns section of the blog has been redone.  Now each pattern is listed with who fits that pattern, as well as where you can find that pattern.

I DID put some ‘Choose 5 pattern pack’ listings on Ebay last night.  I am not/will not be listing patterns separately there.  People can either buy in bulk and get patterns shipped to them via a trackable method or buy on Etsy and download.  For now.

I am looking into adding a Presta Shop to my website, which should theoretically support digital downloads AND mailable items.  Tried yesterday, but got too many errors.  Read up on the software bugs and will try again.

March goal: Expanding shop options
Ebay: complete
Web store: still working on it!


EAH Girls’ Basics Pattern

EAH Girls' Basics

Happy Daylight Savings! To celebrate changing times to increase productivity, here’s new pattern #2: EAH Basics on Etsy

This is an experimental pattern. It was already released in MH size, which is similar to, but unfortunately not the same as EAH. I know a lot of people out there have no problem dealing with the slight differences in size/shape that would let them adjust existing MH patterns to fit EAH dolls, so I don’t know how much of a market there is for me to do it. They don’t take as long as a completely new pattern, but they still involve drafting, sewing, adjusting, drawing out the pattern, scanning it in, cleaning it up, and everything else except writing the instructions from scratch.

Victorian/Steampunk Pattern has landed!

Victorian/Steampunk Pattern

Pattern is now live on Etsy!

I used Robecca as the cover ghoul for this pattern initially, and regretted it almost immediately. Robeccas aren’t that photogenic? I love the idea of her, it’s just my camera doesn’t. Maybe the next steampunk pattern…

Next pattern preview

Flashback Draculaura

I have more sewing to do because this outfit is a dress but it’s also a separate top and bottom, and I want to make proper examples before I put it up.  Be forewarned, this pattern takes a while…