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October 2014
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Dalicious Round 4: Mythology

Dalicious: Mythology
Round 4 of Dalicious was Mythology. Unlike the other rounds, I didn’t have an idea right away.  Princessa isn’t really a classics girl, she’s more of a pop-culture girl.

The first idea I came up with was a counter picture to the other dals (with whom Princessa is at war) Greeks on the Beach but it’s really hard to portray the Trojan War without the horse.  Otherwise it’s a bunch of non-specific togas and armor.  Bleh.

In general, I wanted to avoid Greek/Roman mythology because I’m pretty sure it will be about half of all the entries at least.  If someone doesn’t do the birth of Venus, I’ll be shocked.  On the other hand, I really needed to avoid the obscure references.  I know a lot of people didn’t ‘get’ the reference in the last round, but not everyone was brought up on black and white classics like I was ^^;

I settled on Norse mythology because Princessa is blonde and blue eyed, but even dressing her up like a Valkyrie didn’t seem fitting.  Then I thought about dressing her up as a Thor fangirl, but I realized that Princessa wouldn’t like Thor.  Princessa would be a Loki fangirl.  And thus this idea was born!

But not so fast!  My printer broke last week.  Since I print something once every several months, I figured I’d just go to the print shop down the street.  Turns out transfer paper doesn’t work on laserjets, because the heat in the printer activates the glue and fuses the transfer paper to the inside of the printers ^^;  Then I started looking for any store that did printing in the area that had inkjet printers.  Not a one!  My in-laws have one, but they were out of town.  They came back, and I ran over on Sunday afternoon to use their printer.  Then it took four tries to get the image to transfer clearly (which is good, because I only printed 4 copies.  The cotton started to burn before the image transferred on most -.- ) but finally, FINALLY it worked and Princessa had her Loki body pillow!

Dalicious Round 3: Vintage

Dalicious Round 3: Vintage

The theme of round 3 was Vintage.  I figured (rightly) that most of the entries would focus on vintage fashion.  And while I could go that route… it’s really not very Princessa.  Princessa is an evil doll, so I had to do something in character with her.  So why not do vintage evil doll?

Now, there have been a LOT of evil dolls over the years.  I could have dressed up Princi as Chucky, which most people would have gotten but… no.  Too recent.  Not really vintage enough.  Why not do the first evil doll?  Talky Tina was the first evil doll (evil ventriloquist dummies are slightly older) from the Twilight Zone episode Living Doll. It’s on Netflix Watch-it-now, season 5, episode 6, if anyone hasn’t seen it.

Original Talking Tina

Talky Tina isn’t generally evil, like Chucky and most other evil dolls, she’s very specifically evil towards the step-father of the little girl who buys her, as he treats he step-family like crap.  That’s more the kind of evil doll Princessa is, too (not a kill-everyone-indiscriminately) so that seemed like a good fit…but how to do it in a picture?

I recreated the outfit, but then I was stuck.  My first idea was to make a box for her, and take a picture of her in that, but Talky Tina comes in a plain box.  Old dolls generally did; the really old ball jointed dolls had plain boxes with the manufacturer’s name on it, but that’s it.  Then I thought about recreating a scene, but there aren’t any scenes that are especially memorable.  Tina never chases anyone with an axe, she mostly just looks like a regular doll except she’s manipulative, making the step-father look like even more of a jerk than he is and drives him crazy until she trips him down a staircase.  So I went with this, using two of Talky Tina’s most memorable phrases in word-bubbles.

Summer Sewing Contest! The winners are…

First, I have to say that I was very impressed both by the amount of entries (September is usually a busy month for most people!) and the quality of the entries!  It was lots of fun to run, mostly because I love seeing what people do with my patterns <3

Which was also why it was really, really hard to pick my favorite of the finalists!  Who are the finalists?  Well… Read more »

Dalicious Round 2: Adventure

Round 2: Adventure

When Round 2, Adventure, came around, I immediately wanted to spoof “The Most Dangerous Game,” a short story about an aristocrat who sets up a private hunting reserve on an island, to hunt people, feeling that people are the most dangerous animals to hunt. As horrible as it is, there are historical precedents for it around the world, so it’s a horror story that is somewhat realistic. I think that’s why this story has had staying power, and been retold many times. And it’s right up Princessa’s alley, as demonstrated in her previous contest rounds.

The problem with most great ideas, though, is getting it from idea to a one-picture scene that is both well laid out aesthetically, and tells a story. I strive for both. I really like the ‘story’ in this one, but I’m not quite satisfied with the aesthetic. Though, I do have a high benchmark for Adventures to compare with…

Summer Sewing Contest Voting!

OK! Votin’ time. All of the entries are together in this album. You should go look! Each entry includes a list of which patterns were used.

Oo-ed and Ah-ed? Great! Now’s the hard part! Vote for your TOP 3 FAVORITES. That means you can vote for yourself, but also vote for two other people too! Here for a friend? Vote for 2 non-friends too! Voting lasts for a week. At the end of the week, I pick the winner from the top 3, who designs the next pattern I make. Then the top 3 all receive free copies of that pattern :)

Favorite Summer Sewing Entries (pick 3!)

  • #10 Deadghoulwalking (39%, 27 Votes)
  • #6 The Gilded Bee (33%, 23 Votes)
  • #4 Sally Thompson (25%, 17 Votes)
  • #15 Ghoulia's HighGhouture (25%, 17 Votes)
  • #2 NinaMarie (16%, 11 Votes)
  • #3 Melynda & Aleera (13%, 9 Votes)
  • #11 Humblezombie (12%, 8 Votes)
  • #16 Katgyrl (10%, 7 Votes)
  • #12 Mepae (9%, 6 Votes)
  • #8 Divalea (9%, 6 Votes)
  • #13 Dragonlady (9%, 6 Votes)
  • #14 Megan R (7%, 5 Votes)
  • #7 Frankly Business (7%, 5 Votes)
  • #9 Daytime Diva (6%, 4 Votes)
  • #5 Jennifer (6%, 4 Votes)
  • #1 Ilse Snow (6%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 69

Dalicious Round 1

Dalicious Round 1: Magic
Dalicious Round 1: Magic

I’ve participated in previous Dalicious contests before. Princessa won the year she entered, and Pajelle/Rex took 2nd in the year she entered. I figured I had to enter Princessa because…well because she wouldn’t let me enter another dal, and she’d kill me if I dropped out half way through.

When it comes to Princessa and magic, I don’t really have much choice, since I already made her proclivities known in this picture from a previous Dalicious contest.

The base of this picture was a lightbox, which gives her a lovely under-lit spooky feel. I used a black sheet of paper with a circle cut out to let the light through below her, but in early pictures the light washed out the candles (which I made with sculpey just for this shoot) so I slipped a white sheet of paper in between the black paper and the light box. The blood stripe across her cheeks is tape cut to shape :)

Lita Lindorm Completed!

Lita Lindorm

Lita LindormLita Lindorm

Lita Lindorm is a background character from Ever After High. She’s based on one of the people who works on the show, who explained that her fairytale is the King of Lindorm because she’s a lolita, and in the fairytale the girl wears layers and layers of shirts (if you didn’t know, layering clothes is a thing in lolita fashions) so I picked Lita Lindorm as the name.

This is the first of the 3 backgrounders I’ve been making with Ravie to be completed, and she is now on Etsy :)

Cabaret Pattern Pack now on Etsy

Cabaret Pattern Pack

Cabaret Pattern Pack now on Etsy!

This one was a tough one to put together, but should be surprisingly easy to make. I would recommend the bra/panty/garter/stocking pattern for anyone, because it involves very little sewing. If you use fabric glue or a non-fray fabric, it would involve almost no sewing to put together the lingerie set. The jacket is a little tricky, and the skirt can be as simple or complex as you want.

New pattern: Tiny BJD Kigurumi

Tiny BJD Kigurumi pattern up!

Autumn is coming, and you know what that means? Kigurumi season! I’m a sucker for Kigurumi. They’re just so adorable, especially on dolls <3 This time the subject of my Kigurumi pattern is tiny BJDs. Previously the pattern pieces had to be huge for the bigger dolls, but when I revamped it to a smaller size I was able to simplify the pattern and eliminate some seams for easier sewing in miniature.

Anyhoo, the pattern is here for those interested.

Note: PukiPuki, PukiFee, and LittleFee all have essentially the same shape, but not the same size. If you want to adapt one of my Tiny BJD patterns to a pukipuki or similar sized doll, try shrinking the pattern to 70% and hand-sew (or machine sew if you’re really, really good at sewing tiny things on a machine!) For LittleFee sized dolls, enlarge the pattern to 157% and machine-sew away!

Testing Valspar Plastics Paint

Valspar Plastic Spray Paint Cocoa Bean

Valspar Plastic Spray Paint Cocoa Bean

Here’s the new paint I’m testing: Valspar plastics spraypaint in Cocoa Bean. There aren’t many spray paint colors that can pass for skin tones.  The dark brown is Krylon Espresso.  Several brands have a close equivalent in color to that, but this is the only mid-toned brown I’ve found. (Krylon Brown Boots is a very orangey brown)

UNFORTUNATELY, so far the Valspar doesn’t seem to be as plastic friendly as it advertised.  On the label in small letters it says it’s ‘for rigid plastics’ and the ingredients include Acetone, which I believe Fusion doesn’t have.  It is the/one of the chemicals attributed to why spray paint turns dolls into a sticky mess–which this head is, several hours after it should have been dry.  But it’s OK, I have some other tricks I can try